New peer review platforms

A quick post this week. I have been thinking of writing about the various companies that have sprung up offering peer review for scientific papers that are independent of journals. But I don’t need to: Jason Priem (@jasonpriem) has done it already.

He has posted a Google document with a list of these services, which anyone can edit. I have added two that I have come across: Sympoze and PaperRater, in addition to the ones already listed (PubUp, The Third Reviewer, Arxiliv, PaperCritic, Peerage of Science,TiNYARM,annotatr, Peer Evaluation and Faculty of 1000).

Jason has also included a list of publishing portals built around post-publication review, which currently includes just F1000 Research and WebMed Central.

Why not have a look at the document, and edit it if you know any more about these services or any similar ones?

About sharmanedit
Owner of Cofactor, a company helping scientists to publish their research.

3 Responses to New peer review platforms

  1. Thanks for adding the two extra services! It’s amazing how many of these there are. It’s just a wait until someone gets this right and takes off…

  2. sharmanedit says:

    Thanks for making the list, Jason! As I said, you’ve saved me a lot of work that I was intending to do at some point. But it would be even better if lots of other people contributed too.

  3. janneseppanen says:

    Hello Anna and Jason,

    Thanks for making the list Jason, and thanks Anna for helping to find it. I edited the section about our company Peerage of Science, hope it is ok.

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